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The founders of Global Rescue Fund have been coworkers and friends for over a decade. Both worked for the US government for many years around the world. Later in life, they started their own international company allowing them to spend time in many countries. Their traveling allowed them to spend time in impoverished communities in Rwanda, where they fell in love with the people and culture. While in Rwanda, they worked with a couple of locals, quickly becoming friends. Once the needs were identified they started to help them create, register and execute business plans that have brought life-changing opportunities to these individuals, their families, and their community. During this time, the war in Ukraine started, which pulled them to Poland to find ways they could help. Since March 2022, Global Rescue Fund has found a home in Poland and Ukraine, building a network to support the continuous humanitarian aid efforts. Global Rescue Fund will continue to grow to position itself to help worldwide. We appreciate your support.

Global Rescue Fund Founders

From right to left: Brandon, Veda (close friend) and Walter - Rwanda
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